Defending Christ

There comes a time when we as Christians can’t just sit by and watch as our beliefs get trampled every day. I remember a while back when Jon Stewart was making fun of Christianity (specifically Catholicism) and I read some comments from different people. People who called themselves Christians made a point that it was […]

Yes God

Imagine saying yes to God. I mean truly, whole heartedly, no doubt, second thought or hesitation – a total complete love and trust in saying yes to God. There is one person who did this and said yes to God, ultimately redoing everything that Eve ruined by falling for the temptation of the evil one. […]

Where is God?

Where is God? That is a question that a lot of people ask when something bad happens. If people would truly open their hearts to God they would realize that He is ALWAYS there no matter what, especially when something bad happens. It is something that actually quite annoys me now but I used to […]


Throughout life we are going to meet people who will make a huge impact on us – whether it be negatively or positively. Sadly, there are people out there who not only work to take advantage of others, but to intentionally hurt them for no other purpose but to cause pain. I have run across […]

Fading Belief

There are a total of 3 different kinds of spirits that are in our realm – Angelic, human and demonic. With the most powerful of these spirits being The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. There are only three places in which these spirits reside, Heaven, purgatory and hell; with all of the spirits […]