The purpose of evil is to try and dull the light of God in the world. How, you might ask. We are the ones who allow God to shine through our lives by living a life worthy to have that light shone. By committing sins, big and small, we slowly dull that light. Then  by doing that, by making the light dull, we allow satan to fill it. Light doesn’t shine out though, darkness does.

Ever have someone act really rude to yopadre-pio-quote-god-will-not-allowu? Ever have a friend or family member turn on you? These are of course just a few examples of how people, who don’t allow God to shine through, allow the devil to. It is quite sad when you really stop to think about it. Anything that is of God brings love and happiness to a person no matter the current circumstances of our situation. The most poor person doesn’t need a Mustang car to be happy because they have God. God doesn’t have a price tag on Him.

Just recently there was a man in Kalamazoo, Michigan who took six lives and injured two others. Eight in total were affected by this man who decided to try and dull the light of others. My prayers go out to all those affected directly and indirectly by this tragedy. How many people are blaming God for this tragedy? The light is already being dulled because people are allowing their emotions to interfere with their faith. When we have a strong faith we don’t blame God for what occurs, we accept that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the devil has his hand in different incidents and by allowing ourselves to blame God for them, the evil one has ultimately won.

Just as followers of Christ are instruments of God, those who don’t follow Christ are instruments of the devil. We have to rise above that. We have to be willing to slam the serpents head and say BE GONE SATAN! We have to every day that we wake up thank God for the blessings He has given us and continue to live our lives how God wants us to. No matter what happens, we can never let the light of God dull in our lives because that is unfair. God has given us everything that we need for salvation, He owes us nothing. To honor God and the sacrifice He gave for us, we have to live our lives with God in the forefront.

Dear God,

Please shine through me to be a guide to others,

To bring the back to you so they can save their soul.

This world is a dark place because people have turned away from you,

Work through me to get them back.

All glory, praise and honor are yours Lord.