Pain is something that everyone feels at one point or the other in their life; whether it be physical or internal pain. When we experience loss of any kind it feels as if your heart has been ripped out. This is the time that we should turn to God as opposed to turning away from God. We need to find comfort in our Lord and Savior, not blame Him for what troubles occur in our life. Our Lord did not suffer and die on a wooden cross for us to turn against Him the moment a hardship crosses our path.

This is when we have to take heart and really follow the passion of the Cross. We have to understand each station and how we can apply this to our life. The first two stations (Jesus is condemned to death and Jesus bears His cross) deal with how He has graciously excepted His sacrifice for the good of all of us. We have to pick up our cross and follow Him, which means we have to bear whatever hardships and trials come our way. We cannot simply cast them aside, proclaiming that it is too hard! We must embrace it, like Christ and carry on our journey.

The next few stations (Jesus falls a first time, Jesus meets his mother, Jesus is helped by Simon and Veronica wipes the face of Jesus), focus on how we may stumble sometimes but Jesus and others will always be there to ensure that we can get back up and go on. We have a God who loves us beyond all measures, Jesus who has sacrificed so much for us, Mary who comforts us, Joseph who protects us and all the saints in Heaven who struggled like we are now.

The last stations deal with the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us so that we can have eternal salvation and hope. It is not easy by any means, but it is attainable. We have to give our sufferings up to God and realize that because we are doing the act of embracing our sufferings, we are following Jesus along the stations. We are lifting up our Cross with the strength of Jesus and walking on the path to eternal happiness.  

So the next time something bad happens, look up to God and say “to You I give my pain and suffering, Jesus comfort my heart” and carry on. Cry if you want to, write it down, scream until your voice goes out but under no means turn your fist to God and curse Him. Embrace what God has given and accept what is taken away.

Dear God,

This pain in my heart is heavy,

Much like the Cross your Son carried.

I will bear it with Your sunshine in my heart,

With the Grace you have bestowed upon me.

To you I give glory as well as sadness.

Help me to hear Your voice through the turmoil,

And not turn away as so many do.

Heal my heart day by day,

To You I will always pray.