When I first stepped outside to take my dogs to use the restroom, I was greeted by an unpleasant feeling – cold. It hit me before I even had one foot out of the door; and from the minute it did I was uncomfortable. I could see my breath, my ears lost their feeling and I could barely even think with all the chattering my teeth were doing.

Then it dawned on me that this situation I was in isn’t permanent. It’s not like I would have to go out and face the unforgiving cold, trying to find somewhere to lay my head. I have a home I can go into and nice warm pair of pajamas I can put on. I am luckier than most people.

A lot of people are trying to survive this winter, which is quite a ‘reality check’ when you really stop and dwell on what that means. I complain about the cold as much as the next person but one day I realized that I wasn’t being fair. This uncomfortable feeling I had wasn’t one that was going to last until I could find a warm place to rest. It was going to last until my dog was done using the bathroom.

We take a lot of things for granted in our lives, that we often realize too late in life to appreciate them. Jesus gives us everything we have in our life – whether we want to give Him the Proper credit or not. He is the reason that we have a chance at attaining our ‘forever’ in Heaven; because of the sacrifice He made. Now it is time for us to live out that sacrifice in our everyday life.

By helping those less fortunate, we are living the way that Christ wants us to. We are loving and helping our neighbors by giving of ourselves. Before you get all set on writing a check or donating without second thought, wait! Monetary donations, if you can afford them, to different charities is commendable and appreciated. However, it should be remembered that there are real live people that are going to be helped by these organizations (no matter what denomination). PEOPLE! Living, breathing, thinking and feeling human beings.

These human beings are already facing tough times, whether by choice or by a series of unfortunate events. Go and talk to them, get to know them, be kind to them and most of all preach Jesus to them. Often times we are so busy just giving to charities that we automatically give without thinking. The best gift that we can give sometimes is that of our time.

We live in such a fast paced world that we seem almost glued to our cellphones, computers, game systems etc. We are so focused on just moving forward, accomplishing our “mission” and moving forward. We don’t look to the people who are right next to us, we remain strangers.  Sometimes all we need is someone to look at us as if they understand what we are going through, maybe they care just a little bit. Maybe, just maybe they’ll end up sending a prayer up to Heaven for them because their guardian Angels spoke and helped the individual to realize the need for prayer is great.

Of course with this frame of mind thinking, a little caution has to be put in place. Sometimes there are people out there who wish to take advantage of others who go out of their way to be kind; other times some people are just stuck in their own ways. Don’t let this dishearten you! It could be something as simple as smiling at someone in the store, or talking to people who are waiting in line with you somewhere. Take these few precious moments to “pitch” Jesus and Catholicism to others. It could change their lives – and will no doubt change yours.

Dear God,

I ask you to help me please,

Step out of my comfort zone to reach those in need.

If a smile, hug or simple Hi is all I can give,

Help me to continue this as long as I live.

To you I give glory, love and honor by spreading your way,

Help me to share your message with all people throughout my day.