There comes a time when we as Christians can’t just sit by and watch as our beliefs get trampled every day. I remember a while back when Jon Stewart was making fun of Christianity (specifically Catholicism) and I read some comments from different people. People who called themselves Christians made a point that it was just humor, that others just need to lighten up and take a joke.

This always stayed with me and it wasn’t until this moment that I realized what huge impact that would have – in a negative way. Everyone likes to claim that everyone is entitled to free speech but that freedom always fails to extend to Christians. Anyone that decides to bring Jesus into any discussion in any form is automatically turned away. Unless it involves crude and disgusting humor.

This point is made very clear by actor Seth Rogen and his statement back in December that “you can make fun of Christians, they’re cool” he further berated Christians by saying, “Christians have their own [explicative] to deal with, they’re not worried about us”. Then he further claims that it is on the LOW list of controversial matters. He is right that Christians have their own stuff to deal with, including him and his Hollywood cronies who feel it is okay to bash Christians – seeing as though we’re “cool” people and all.

First of all, you can make fun of Christians because it seems to be the “cool” thing to do now. It does not make it OKAY by any means. We should not continue to support these people who are so callous as to call our Savior, our beliefs, such foul blasphemous names. Degrading the beliefs that we hold so dear.

That just about sums it up when he says that his movie is on the low list of controversial matters. Where clearly disrespectful statues and pictures are stated to be “art”. One case I saw that happened in 2012 during a party celebrating design has really bothered me. An “artist” made popsicles out of wine that he secretly had blessed by a priest. He said that he snuck in to the church with a cooler and during the transubstantiation he claims that his wine was also transformed into the Blood of Christ. He then froze it on popsicle sticks that were in the shape of the crucifix with Jesus on the cross.

The first thing that I have to say, is this totally disgusts me. He wanted to make a point about religious fanaticism and violence. This does nothing but cement the fact that he is a total disgrace of a human being who is being influenced by evil to try and hurt the Catholic Church as well as Christianity. Not surprisingly, he is a practicing atheist. Which further disgusts me that he would during a time when Christians are being slaughtered over the in Middle East, choose a peaceful religion to make fun of, blasphemies and degrades.  

It is time for Christians to stop sitting around and twiddling their thumbs as our faith is being dragged through the mud. Start standing up for Jesus, or stop letting His name pass your lips. It is time to start being realistic and stop focusing on the happy side of being a Christian. We are called to be defenders of Christ and our faith. There is a hell and anyone willing to stand against Jesus will find their souls damned for life. Christians who stand by and allow it to happen, while defending all things that are against Christian beliefs will find themselves possibly in hell, if they’re lucky then they might get time in purgatory.

Does this make me judgmental? To some yes but in reality no. Hell is coming to earth, mostly it is already here and people don’t want to believe. A war is coming between good and evil and there will be no gray area. So decide what side you want to be on.

Dear God,

Give me strength and courage to stand against the dark one,

It comes in many forms and I must resist temptations,

Guard me against my human weakness,

Allow me to turn my heart completely to you O’ Lord,

Help those who are Christian to accept their beliefs,

And those who are not to turn to Christ our King.