There are a total of 3 different kinds of spirits that are in our realm – Angelic, human and demonic. With the most powerful of these spirits being The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. There are only three places in which these spirits reside, Heaven, purgatory and hell; with all of the spirits being able to travel to earth, where we are.

As Christians we believe in God and Jesus, but many don’t truly believe that there is a devil with his minions known as demons. Hollywood is partially to blame for this as well as Christians who are not willing to acknowledge the possibility of their existence. It seems too “out of this world” to believe in such a thing. What caused Adam and Eve to sin? Adam and Eve’s total lack of trust in God. Who tempted them to sin? The devil. It has always been a known fact that he has hated God as well as humans because of jealously.

So now you ask yourself- What does this all mean? That a constant struggle between good and evil is happening every minute of every day. That guy that just shot someone on the street? An act of evil that was carried out by an individual who had lost trust in God or never believed in God. That person who helped the little old lady cross the street? That was an act done by someone who had been influenced by God.

I guess it just bugs me as a person when “Christians” are so quick to pull out the crazy card whenever someone starts talking about the spiritual realm and the devil. Everything that God did for us and Jesus sacrificed for us means nothing if there is no one working against it; if there was no end goal in sight. I can just hear some people saying, “Oh, you sinned so bad but it’s okay because Jesus died for you and you’ll still go to Heaven”. NO! Don’t believe that, it’s a trap! Wonder who started that one, could it be the one who slithers on the floor, biting at our feet.

Of course there are consequences if you sinned. It’s blaspheming to Jesus when you say that it’s okay if you sin because Jesus died for us. He didn’t just die, He was betrayed, tortured, and hung from a cross, so it is NOT okay if you sin. He died so that we are able to have the chance at forgiveness if we truly feel SORRY for it. You can’t use Him as a default when you sin to excuse the behavior. You have to be truly sorry for your sins, knowing in your heart that you hurt Jesus and God. But guess what? Because you are truly sorry and confessed your sins, you are forgiven. You have to make a pledge to not sin anymore. No one is perfect – we all will continue to sin. Just don’t use Jesus as an excuse to do it, that undermines everything he sacrificed for us.

A great book that I will recommend is Saints Who Battled Satan: Seventeen Holy Warriors Who Can Teach You How to Fight the Good Fight and Vanquish Your Ancient Enemy. I finished reading it a few days ago and was sad when it ended! It is a really great book that you should check it. It delved deeper into the mystical struggles that the saints endured as they were trying attaining their calling for God. The stronger and more prayerful they became, the stronger the evil one became in trying to torment them.

The struggles are incredibly eye opening and to some they might find it downright scary. Saint Padre Pio, Catherine of Siena and Teresa of Avila are just a few of the saints that are featured in this book; in which they actually experience physical attacks as well. Often times they were left bloody, beaten and sore from their fierce battles with satan. Like I stated previously, it is not glamorized like Hollywood portrays it. Anytime there is prayer, there will be temptations to try and deter you from keeping a good prayer life. We have to fight these temptations, and say to the devil, “Jesus Christ is my savior, my everything; you bring nothing but sorrow and torment with your false promises of everything. Be gone you serpent, go back to the depths in which God casted you, through the power of Jesus Christ”.



Hear my prayer,

I am truly sorry that I let my weakness as a human hurt you,

You sacrificed so much for me out of love,

Let me return that love and try to live in a way that exudes you,

Help me to keep strong against the temptations of the snake,

Give me strength and courage to fight the devil as he appears.