Throughout life we are going to meet people who will make a huge impact on us – whether it be negatively or positively. Sadly, there are people out there who not only work to take advantage of others, but to intentionally hurt them for no other purpose but to cause pain. I have run across these types of people, who constantly lie, taunt, hurt, deceive and use everything to try and hurt your soul.

We can’t let them though! This is when we really need to rely on the strength we have through Christ to pick us up so we can carry on with our lives. There is no doubt evil in this world, you just have to flip on the news station to know that. However, we deal with evil every day in our lives through temptations and out right attacks on our beings.

This can be done through the evil ones use of others who do not allow God into their lives. We may even have own family members who say vile things about you, then try to justify it. Which is what happened in my case, which I won’t go into full detail with. Ever since I developed a closer relationship with God, it has been easier to see through people whose motives are not in line with what Christ asks of us.

When we stop and think about it we are merely spiritual beings with a body that was created to love and serve God. When satan disobeyed God, even trying to become God, he was thrown out of Heaven; along with other angels who chose the wrong side. When good and evil come together, they don’t mesh – much like oil and water. When someone has dedicated their life to serving God, spreading His message and helping others, there will be those who will go against them. As if to stop them from continuing on the path that God has made for them.

It is easier said than done but we must not let their toxic and hate filled words harm our inner souls. That is the ultimate goal that they are striving for, is to cut you off from God. To make you feel so worthless, sad, despairing or as if you are a bad person. It may begin to make you doubt yourself, why is this person being so mean to me, is it me? Did I do something? This is especially true if you are going through this with a loved one, someone you once thought of as close.

When faced with this dilemma, some may wonder how to respond. Don’t respond with anger! This is one of tricks as well, they want you to be angry because they feed of it; it’s fuel for their continued assault. Don’t respond with simple words in defense of yourself because you don’t have to defend yourself. In fact, you don’t owe an explanation to anyone and the only one who can judge you is God. So when someone is vile to you, look them right in the eye (or text them) Peace of Christ be with you. That is what we ultimately want, is for them to see that the path they are on is not a good one. It will not end up in their favor when they have to stand before God and explain why they were so hateful.

In the end, we are solely responsible for the actions that we make and what we choose to do. How someone chooses to treat you is based solely on a decision that they made to treat you like that. When people allow themselves to be consumed by the secular world, they are easily influenced by satan. Don’t let them drag you down to hell with them. Keep that smile on your face, Jesus in your heart and God in your sight. And with all your soul, wish those people the Peace of Christ and move on. Don’t dwell, don’t wonder, just move on.

Dear Jesus,

You were hated by many for speaking the truth,

Allow me to please have the courage you did.

The venom spoken by my enemies does not harm me,

If I let hate and sin fill my heart, then my soul will be darkened.

To you I give my suffering, sadness, anger and tears.

I want to do your will and continue on the path you’ve given me.

Let me to be your light for others struggling,

To turn from their life of sin to be with you Jesus Christ.