Where is God? That is a question that a lot of people ask when something bad happens. If people would truly open their hearts to God they would realize that He is ALWAYS there no matter what, especially when something bad happens. It is something that actually quite annoys me now but I used to say not too long ago.

God created us all in His image, He loves us more than we can imagine. Why is it that instead of turning to God we turn against Him during difficult times? This is when our relationship with God should become strengthened. People would be able to deal with things a lot better if they turned to God in times of need and grief. We only “stick with” Him when everything is happy rays of sunshine but when the storms come we say where is He? When the whole time He is telling us that He is right there. Forever and always.

Then people have the audacity to BLAME God for all their woes. When realizing that had it not been for humans original weakness for temptation, none of the bad things would happen – so if you feel the need to play the blame game, blame Adam and Eve. We are not entitled to good days every day, we are not immune to death and decay, sickness still makes our bodies weak. These are things that make us HUMAN now that Eden is gone from us. We need to embrace them, as crazy as that may sound.

By embracing them, I simply mean accepting them as they are. We are human, bad things are going to happen and that is the way of the world. Some people get the “short end of the stick” and continually get bad things thrown at them. It is during those times when it is most tempting to quit, tell God that He is bad and that you don’t deserve what is happening to you. God doesn’t set out to hurt anyone, that is not how these things work. He gave us choices, we make those choices or others make them for us. In the end, we can either come out stronger in our faith or weaker in our temptations. The choice is yours. It won’t be easy and it is okay to feel weak sometimes – again it is what makes us human. But do not let that weakness consume you.

Dear God,

I am nothing without you,

Everything bad that has happened to me does not compare to the love you give,

Give me the strength to see that,

Instead of giving up and letting the devil win,

Don’t let me isolate myself to get weak,

Let me use your word to heal my hurts and sorrows.