Imagine saying yes to God. I mean truly, whole heartedly, no doubt, second thought or hesitation – a total complete love and trust in saying yes to God. There is one person who did this and said yes to God, ultimately redoing everything that Eve ruined by falling for the temptation of the evil one. Mary, the Blessed Mother of God said yes to God. Changing the course of humanity in a way unlike any other before or after her.

Mary the Mother of God goes by many names, such as Saint Mary, Virgin Mary and Blessed Mother. When the archangel Gabriel showed up to her and told her that she would give birth to the son of God, through the Holy Spirit. When she was to be betrothed to Joseph, it was discovered that she was pregnant. It was considered scandal at the time for any woman to be with child outside of wedlock. However, once Joseph was visited by the angel he understood the importance of the situation. He took her to somewhere safe after marrying her, to protect her as well as the child of God.

This is of course just a small piece of the history that surrounds this world changing event. It is something that we need to understand as Catholics, the importance that Mary has in our life. She gave birth to our savior, how can she not be special? Some Christians doubt the importance that Mary has, that she was just a human who happened to have a small part of such an incredible event.

What?? I have a hard time believing that God would chose just some random woman to give birth to His son. Not only that, but such as the story of the wedding at Cana, Mary had a part in the miracle that Jesus performed. She chose to do Gods will when He asked her, something that very little humans have the ability to do – none have done as full as her.

I think one of the most incredible things that is inspiring about the mother of Jesus is how even when she knew He was going to be murdered and when she SAW Him getting beaten, tortured and killed, she never once cursed God. How many of us can say the same?

I have been guilty of this as well, when something goes wrong it is so easy to blame and yell at God. That isn’t fair though, because how seldom do we thank God when everything is going right? What Mary showed and can still show us is how with the power of God, with placing our faith in our savior we can truly do the will that God has for us.

Sometimes it is hard to understand Gods will for us but he knows what is best for us, He wants what is best for us. Just like any parent He loves us and wants to protect us as best as He can without completely interfering. If God did everything for us, where would our love come from? If we never use the gifts that God gave us or love Him simply for everything He is, what have we learned?

Let me explain a little deeper. God loves us but He can’t force us to love Him. If we are unwilling to let go of our selfish desires to see everything He has done for us then we are not capable of loving Him. Do we say we just love God because He gave us money, fame and fortune? That isn’t love, that is a feeling based on convenience. If we were to lose all the money, have to live on the streets and had our body riddled with disease, could we still say we love God? That example may be a little extreme but it is the same basic principle. We have to truly love God during the good and bad times.

Getting back to our Blessed Mother, she is a great example of what we can be in our life. If we are willing to look out of ourselves and give faith to the Lord, we can do God’s will. We have to let go of our fears, doubts and anger, and give ourselves to God. Like Mary, we have to say YES to God!

Dear Jesus,

To you I give the glory of the day as well as my moments of sorrow,

You are my friend, redeemer, the savior of humans.

Help me to say yes to you, to give myself completely,

I want to do your will throughout this darkened world.

To be the light for Heaven, to share with others who do not know,

I want to let go my human weakness and submit myself to you