Month: March 2016

Mother Angelica

Hello Everyone!

I just want to say that I am sorry I have not updated in a while. I have been extremely ill with the flu, strep throat, bronchitis and a ear infection! It has not been a fun time and I am just now starting to get better. I had planned on updating regularly during Holy Week but I was not able to and I sadly was not able to participate in any of the Holy Week activities. I am back though and a big thank you to all my readers!!

On Easter Sunday, Mother Angelica returned home to our Lord. It was a fitting thing for such a faithful Catholic to be called home during one of the most Holy times of the Church and to suffer much like Jesus did in her last days.

I have been to EWTN before and I must say that it is a very beautiful area. You can tell how Holy a place it is if you open your heart and allow it to fill you. I love Mother Angelica and the mission she started. How brave she was to go into seemingly “enemy” territory, the Bible belt. Sad to say but some of the most hateful comments come from those who claim to be Christians. They have a very narrow view of the Catholic Church which seems to stem from fables.

This little nun, with barely a penny to her name decided to start a Catholic radio station in the Bible belt. Not only did she reach those who were not of the faith but she reached Catholics who were just beginning their journey or who were within different lengths of their journey. She told it like it is; which is something that you may not want to hear.

She had a deep devotion to our Lord and Savior which is clearly evident in the talks that she gives. I recommend that when you get a moment, go onto Youtube and watch some videos of the talks that she had given. You will be glad you did and will gain a deeper knowledge of your faith.

Palm Sunday


Yesterday was a very special day – Palm Sunday. It was the first day of a life changing week, when we were given our salvation should we choose to accept it. It signifies the end of Lent but the beginning of something a lot heavier, Holy Week.

Passion Sunday, which is now referred to as Palm Sunday, is the Mass that coincides with the time that Jesus rode into Jerusalem before His torture, death and eventual resurrection.  Palms hold a special place in this Mass because as Jesus was riding in people would throw palms at Jesus as well as lay them in front of the donkey as He rode through. This was done as a sign of homage to the individual who it is being done at; it is reserved for people who have great respect from their peers. This is why Catholics are given palms before entrance into the church, and then they process in together holding the palms.Christ's Entry into Jerusalem by Hippolyte Flandrin c. 1842

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, He rode in on a donkey in an act of humility.  Donkeys are non-assuming, very humble creatures. Horses are strong, proud and very showy. Jesus is very humble no doubt, which is why it is fitting that He ride in on a donkey.

Holy-Week-2015-SERIES-IMG.pngAs we continue on this week, let us try and remember just how important this week is to us. This is when the gates of Heaven were opened up to us again because of the sacrifice that Jesus made; we were made whole again.

It didn’t come without a price; in fact it was the ultimate price a person could pay – their life. Jesus was fully man AND fully divine. He didn’t let the fact that He was scared stop Him from saving us, so we shouldn’t let the fact that we are human hinder us from fully giving our lives to Jesus and serving God completely.

I encourage everyone to participate in Holy week, starting with Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and finishing with Easter Sunday. Forget about focusing solely on creating the perfect Easter basket, hiding the eggs just right and visiting the Easter bunny. Prepare yourself for what Easter truly is, the beginning of forever, our new chance at life and the beauty that is Jesus Christ.

Honestly, the thought of Easter shouldn’t even be on our heads as of yet because it negates the whole passion. Jesus was beaten, scourged, spit on, made to carry a huge, heavy cross and crucified. In order to completely understand how beautiful Easter is, you have to understand how painful the journey was getting there.

So before you indulge on Easter with what you gave up or stop saying the Rosary daily like you did during Lent, ask yourself if Jesus ever quit. He is the Son of God, He could have ended the suffering, torment and agony right then and there but He didn’t.  Maybe it wouldn’t kill you to only eat meat a few times a week, fast on every Friday and continue to pray the rosary every day after Easter. Then we can fully understand the beauty, sacrifice and ultimate love that Holy Week and Easter is.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for allowing me to live the life I am.

I have a chance to spread your message to those I come in contact with.

The message of eternal life, joy and true love.

This week I will honor you, much like I should every day after.

When Easter ends, your love and my small sacrifices compared to yours won’t end.




Saint Patrick

As many of you know, today is the day to wear green or else you suffer the consequence of being pinched. You see shamrocks, top hats and Irish food galore. It is a joyous day, but what is it really? Aside from the very commercialized holiday, there is actually quite an inspiring tale behind the feast day of Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick was actually born in Britain where at the young age of fourteen he was captured by pirates and was sold into slavery in Ireland. His main job was to herd and take care of the sheep. After having a vision from God he was told to leave Ireland, he promptly ran to the coast and was taken in by some sailors; he was then brought back to his home country.

He always had a devotion to praying, no matter the time of day or what he was doing. While he was a slave he would always find moments to pray; as he was falling asleep, tending to the herd, in the mountains. He found that the elements of the seasons did not bother him as he prayed – the cold, hot or rain.

When he had been back in his country for some time, he had another vision from God and was told he needed to become a priest to spread Gods word throughout the land of Ireland. During this period of time, Ireland consisted mostly of druids and pagans who vehemently denied anything having to do with Christianity. After a close call with one when he first entered back into Ireland, he was able to convert the pagan. He then promptly went around, spreading the word of God throughout the country and building many churches. He used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to those who had never heard that before- causing many to convert! This was such an inventive way to teach about the faith while using elements that many were familiar with.

While the shamrock that is often seen during this celebration is proper to be associated with Saint Patrick, everything else just kind of branched off of the original meaning of the holiday. The color green wasn’t associated with this day until the late 1700s during the Irish Rebellion. Alcohol seems to have taken a prominent place in the celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day. Leprechauns are seen everywhere, which I have no idea when that tradition took place.  The list goes on, sadly.

We as a society have taken to commercialize and take advantage of anything that could cause revenue. What I find truly sad is the same people drinking green beer and wearing green from head to toe are the same people who want God out of everything. Guess what, Saint Patrick’s Day is a Catholic Holiday because it is the feast day of a Catholic Bishop, HA!

Saint Patrick was a humble man who lived a pious life.  He spread the word of God throughout a land that was full of heathens and those who would rather see him sacrificed and murdered then to hear his message. He succeeded though in spreading the message and even had churches build. So in our society today let’s use Saint Patrick as an inspiration to help us to spread the message to those who don’t believe.

Here is a little prayer from Saint Patrick that I have found to be quite beautiful:

The Breastplate

Christ be within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ beside me, Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ inquired, Christ in danger, Christ in hearts of all that love me, Christ in mouth of friend and stranger

Adult Coloring Books

I am sure everyone has at one point heard of a new craze that has taken hold known as Adult Coloring Books. The point of these books is to allow the individual who is coloring to escape reality for as long as the need in order to de-stress. Sounds good? In my opinion, it is far from good.

It piqued my curiosity when I noticed in the store a huge shelf dedicated to this massively popular item. I picked up one to glance at it and see what the rave was all about. When I opened it I noticed that the book was filled with Mandela’s to color. Not knowing completely what they were but having a slight idea, I looked them up.

Mandela’s are from the Sanskrit meaning of circles. That is the basis of what a Mandela is, it is circular with different points. The purpose of it is to balance the individual who is using it; it is used to help a “spiritual” journey through use of the cosmic and psychic elements. In essence, it works a tool for hypnosis so that the individual can go further into their self to form a thought that they ponder on.

There were also Celtic Mandela’s. These are basically the same as the Indian version; they are just a bit different because of the culture. They have one that is labeled the Triquetra which is the same symbol of the Holy Trinity. However, it is very misused and is more commonly misused by pagans and wiccans. They say that by starting at this Mandela with the Trinity, it will have you become more in tuned with the great spiritual power.

What this sums up to, is the majority of adult coloring books use Mandela’s as their source of allowing the users to de-stress. This is done through means of the devil; I have no doubt about that. Each of these represents us becoming more in tune with ourselves, becoming centered in our own being. THAT IS EVIL! It is using means of sources that come from satan himself, such as witchcraft, hypnosis and pagan beliefs.

When developing a relationship with God we have to learn to become more selfless. We have to learn how to rely on God to be our guide through life while using the gifts that He has given us. If you want to de-stress, pray! Write a letter to God or Jesus, draw your own picture! Don’t rely on what the nonbelievers or lukewarm believers give you. These adult coloring books are another way for people to get closer to completely abandoning God. If we become more self-involved and rely on coloring books to de-stress our lives, then we are completely abandoning our faith in God.

My overall rating of this item is: it is secular and should stay that way. Christians should avoid this item and spread the message.



A sad tragedy has struck our world but very few seem concerned about it. CNN and FOX News didn’t seem to think 4 nuns being massacred was that much of a big deal, not to mention the 8 nursing home residents, 2 staff members and guard who was murdered. Not to mention that the priest has been kidnapped. I suppose it doesn’t garner front news attention because satan is in control of the world right now.

These people were doing God’s work and were murdered in such a brutal way. These murderers were cowards and I have no fear speaking those words. They tied up innocent people and brutally murdered them. Why? That answer is simple: they hate Jesus.

4f0198ace3d8e831eef2927d97d5a54eWho does satan hate more than God? His son. Jesus saved humanity from having to be forsaken, He opened the gates of Heaven. God loves us and that does not make the evil one happy because of his jealously for God. Again, we go back to the basics of good versus evil. Satan wanted to be God; he wasn’t content in serving God. He had everything, yet he wanted more. He lost his place in Heaven because of his deadly sins and he is determined to take with him the creations that God loves the most. He couldn’t have Jesus because He stood up to the temptations of the evil one. He gave us the strength, gifts and possibility to be in His presence and to fight evil.

That is why this terror attack occurred, that is why innocent people were slaughtered. They specifically sought out these Nuns who were doing God’s work. They were nonviolent, seeking only to help those in need. They were murdered for living by their beliefs all in honor of God. We cannot stand for this, we as Christian people need to stand up and have our voices heard. We need to stand up to those who think that they have right to kill those who believe and serve Jesus Christ.

They still have Fr. Tom and no word yet on where or who has him. He needs our prayers desperately, for his safe return home. The more we pray the stronger we become. The more we live our faith, the stronger we become. The more we deny things that take away from our relationship with Jesus, the stronger we become. The more we stand up for our faith, the stronger we become. We can only begin to make a difference when we live the life that Jesus wants us to. When we go up to atheists and tell them that God loves them, even if they don’t believe in Him. That we will pray for their conversion.248fa69991a4c6aea3e97bd7a4111359

When we go to a restaurant, we have to pray before we eat our meals and pray after. Thanking God for that opportunity. So people can see that we are not ashamed to proclaim and give thanks to our Lord and Savior. We have to say Merry Christmas when it is getting time to celebrate Christ’s birth and say it with a smile. We have to not be ashamed to be followers of Christ. When the majority calls you a bigot, say it with a smile “If I am a bigot because I want your soul to be saved, then I will gladly wear that with great grace. Jesus gave me these gifts to spread and it is up to you to accept”.


Dear God,

Please comfort Father Tom as he is helpd captive by barbarians.

Give me the courage to stand my ground to proclaim you,

I will not become a silent majority,

I will proclaim your message from city to city with a joyful noise.

Give me the strength to look at the eyes of people who hate me

And say “God loves you, as do I but not your actions”



Hello Everyone! Where do I begin?

This weekend was certainly a life changing, eye opening and Holy Spirit Filled even for me! I must say that saying YES to the Cursillo weekend was one of the best choices I have ever made. Because of this, I have been filled with fire from the Holy Spirit and have added to my family. I have created bonds through the Holy Spirit and have been called into further action in spreading the message of our Savior.

Many of you may have heard about the Cursillo but may be puzzled at not finding out very much information about it. That is a great thing! Often times, when reading reviews about certain topics we form opinions immediately on them. Whether they are good or bad opinions, we are kind of in a way cemented by what they say. When we go into this weekend after reading the review of someone else, we expect that same exact thing to happen to us – it won’t. That is the thing, what someone else experiences, another person may not.

I was blessed to have been able to take part in a healing mass recently and it was such an amazing experience. When we went up to receive the Holy Spirit, to be healed of spiritual and physical ailments, we were each told something different. No two people were told the same thing because each person has their own mission, their own crosses that they are bearing. This is extremely similar to the Cursillo movement because two people are not going to experience the same thing. Each person who is open to receiving the Holy Spirit will receive it completely. Notice I used the word open. You have to be willing to allow the Holy Spirit into your heart, to speak to you.

I will not hold back the truth because I was anxious when I went as well. I had no idea what to expect, and not knowing is one of the most anxious things. I am one of those people who love to be prepared for everything I do and I have to have a schedule, know about it and be prepared! That is the beauty of this weekend because it is already prepared for those who were in the same position as you before. The people who run it are those who are one time were anxious to fully say yes to the Holy Spirit but they did. They are there to aid you on your journey and that they did! I made some amazingly great friends who have already become family in such a short amount of time. I know that when I go out and evangelize to others, I will not be alone. I have others who will be doing the same thing and we can support each other.

All in all, it was a great and amazing experience; one that I will cherish for the rest of my life and that I will try and help spread the message about.

Just a Little Note

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a blessed day so far, praise be to God! I wanted to let all of my followers know that for the next four days I will not be able to post a blog. I am going to be making my Cursillo weekend!! I am so excited for this journey and to deepen my faith! Everyone I have talked to has stated what a wonderful, fulfilling experience it is. I just wanted to let everyone know the reason I will not be active on our blog or on Twitter, I didn’t forget you! I just will not be able to post for the days that I am gone. Many blessings to everyone in this Lenten season. Much love and thanks ~ Tyler Marie



Dolls From Heaven

Dolls from Heaven

We live in a world where the idea of evangelization and spreading the message is something that is not too well known. Dolls from Heaven is a unique venture into helping to spread the message of Christ throughout the world as well as aiming at young children to become more saint like. This is something that is definitely needed to help promote a deeper faith among our youth of today, which in turn could have a lasting impression on adults.

This idea stemmed from one of Catholicism’s highly acclaimed saints, Therese, also knowns as the “little” flower. She was born in France, to two loving parents who in total had nine children. Over her lifetime though she would come to experience great tragedy starting with the death of her mother from breast cancer. Then her father suffered a stroke during her entrance into the Carmelite community at the young age of 15. She then spent the short years of her life devoted to the Lord through prayers and devout love for others. Instead of focusing solely on self she gave her love to others and made sacrifices without others at the time knowing. Her story is one that we can use in our daily lives by remembering that love for Christ and spreading that love is the thing that can settle our fears and doubts. It is also something that will positively affect the world if enough people adopt that way of thinking.

Now that you know a little background on the very special Saint Therese, I will talk about a very interesting concept that the Kiczek family has started. They wish to inspire children to be more like the saints and focus on Jesus. Which is what brought about the concept of Dolls From Heaven, to do just that. After discussing the fact that there are really no doll companies that promote children to faith or to develop a closer relationship with God.



18 Inch Saint Therese Doll!

Sunday Best!


Their first doll is that of Saint Therese, which they stated is “one of their favorite saints”. You can order a special book to go along with your child’s doll called I am Therese, which is based on her journey to sainthood. Another awesome object that you can order to go with your doll is Thereses’ Sunday best; which includes an outfit for your new little Therese doll to dress in for Church.

Take a look at the dolls because they are beautifully done. Pass it along to your friends, family, coworkers as well as religious education teachers, Priests and religious entities. This is something that needs to be talked about and supported!

Here is their website:

Hell on Earth


Jesus Weeps

More than usual, I have noticed an increase of attacks on not only Catholicism but on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Some of these stories I am about to share with you are disturbing and extremely vile in nature. It will disgust you and revolt you, as it did me. Not only are these comments extremely blasphemous but they occurred during an extremely solemn and Holy time of year- Lent.

The first comes from a highly popular network that is known for its less than stellar morals and crude humor regarding anything that is religion. Oh wait, not all religions, just Christianity. Which does not surprise me because Catholicism was started by Jesus Christ and satan hates Jesus because He is the reason we have been redeemed – if we choose to be. for-the-lord-your-god-is-the-one-who-goes-with-your-to-fight-for-you

A show titled Midnight with Chris Hardwick, started with the host (Chris Hardwick) showing what is quoted as being a “picture of a super-ripped Korean Jesus” the so-called contestants were then told to use a quote from one of Jesus’ sermons to describe the pictures. A few of the quotes were “Get thee behind me Satan and spot me and then I will in turn spot for you and then we can soap each other’s d***s in the locker room” and “Do others as you would have others do you. Ripped Jesus loves to f*** [bleeped]”. Not only is that crude but it is crude against Jesus Christ, the Savior who was tortured and died on a cross for these ungrateful, hateful people. Instead of using the sacrifice He made to spread His message, they blasphemies Him and attempt to make a joke of Jesus hanging on the cross. This infuriates me because these individuals are damning their souls to hell and there is no talking sense to them.

There is a new show on ABC titled The Real O’Neals which is being produced by Dan Savage. His name suits him because he is a savage, disgrace of a soul. While my sentiments may seem a bit severe, after reading some of his comments I would bet that you will agree. Here are just a few of the quotes


Savage accused a politician of having sex—he used an obscenity—with the consecrated Host, the body and blood of Jesus Christ

As everyone knows, Mary was a virgin when she conceived and a virgin when she gave birth. This means, of course, that Jesus busted His own mom’s hymen, kicking it down like a door on His way into the world

Commenting on a statue of the Virgin Mary on the back of a toilet, he said, “Mary’s head was angled in such a way that HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT YOUR

The ‘repair’ on this statue of John Paul II makes him look like he just stuck 2 fingers in a squeaky clean altar boy

Men are attracted to the priesthood so they can “wear dresses and have sex with men”


This is extremely disgusting, revolting and it breaks my heart. I have a tear in my eye as I write this now. To say these awful things about Jesus, the Blessed Mother and Jesus’ church, the Holy Catholic Church. He says these things without fully understanding what he is talking about.

We live in a world where it is okay to make crude remarks concerning Christians and their beliefs but you can’t say Merry Christmas. Where people can show support for their beliefs but Christians can’t or they are labeled bigots and extremists. Where Christians are killed almost every day in the Middle East by cruel means and not a word is mentioned but global warming is the most important issue that must be resolved.Pio's weapon

There is no doubt that the devil is in control of the world that we live in now. Murder is now a commonplace occurrence, debauchery is normal, pride is encouraged, adultery is glamorized, abortion is an option, God is a taboo subject, Christians are afraid to speak out and it is okay to make fun of Catholics but not muslims.

We have to stand up; we have to say we are not going to stand for this disgrace anymore. We owe it to our Lord and Savior to stand up with our voices, and to fight for our Lord and Savior. He d221464b5edeb4962219ccfc86b7fabfcied a horrible, bloody death so that we may be made worthy to spend eternity with Him. Let’s earn it, let’s thank Jesus for His sacrifice by putting ourselves out there and defending Jesus.

Dear God,

I am sorry for the direction mankind has taken.

To hear these awful things said about You and Your Son makes me sick,

To know how much You love us but still are treated terribly.

I will fight for Your glory because it is the least I can do.

I will stand up against those who hate and disgrace You,

Even if I am then attacked.

Give me the strength to stand up against the evils of this world,

To spread your message and glory to others who may not know

And to change the hearts of those hardened by evil and hate.


Here are the places to contact if you wish, to tell them that you are not going to stand for this disgrace: – For the Chris Hardwick incident. – Here at this website you can email Dan Savage and you can also tweet to him on twitter.