A sad tragedy has struck our world but very few seem concerned about it. CNN and FOX News didn’t seem to think 4 nuns being massacred was that much of a big deal, not to mention the 8 nursing home residents, 2 staff members and guard who was murdered. Not to mention that the priest […]


Hello Everyone! Where do I begin? This weekend was certainly a life changing, eye opening and Holy Spirit Filled even for me! I must say that saying YES to the Cursillo weekend was one of the best choices I have ever made. Because of this, I have been filled with fire from the Holy Spirit […]

Hell on Earth

More than usual, I have noticed an increase of attacks on not only Catholicism but on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Some of these stories I am about to share with you are disturbing and extremely vile in nature. It will disgust you and revolt you, as it did me. Not only are these […]