Jesus Weeps

More than usual, I have noticed an increase of attacks on not only Catholicism but on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Some of these stories I am about to share with you are disturbing and extremely vile in nature. It will disgust you and revolt you, as it did me. Not only are these comments extremely blasphemous but they occurred during an extremely solemn and Holy time of year- Lent.

The first comes from a highly popular network that is known for its less than stellar morals and crude humor regarding anything that is religion. Oh wait, not all religions, just Christianity. Which does not surprise me because Catholicism was started by Jesus Christ and satan hates Jesus because He is the reason we have been redeemed – if we choose to be. for-the-lord-your-god-is-the-one-who-goes-with-your-to-fight-for-you

A show titled Midnight with Chris Hardwick, started with the host (Chris Hardwick) showing what is quoted as being a “picture of a super-ripped Korean Jesus” the so-called contestants were then told to use a quote from one of Jesus’ sermons to describe the pictures. A few of the quotes were “Get thee behind me Satan and spot me and then I will in turn spot for you and then we can soap each other’s d***s in the locker room” and “Do others as you would have others do you. Ripped Jesus loves to f*** [bleeped]”. Not only is that crude but it is crude against Jesus Christ, the Savior who was tortured and died on a cross for these ungrateful, hateful people. Instead of using the sacrifice He made to spread His message, they blasphemies Him and attempt to make a joke of Jesus hanging on the cross. This infuriates me because these individuals are damning their souls to hell and there is no talking sense to them.

There is a new show on ABC titled The Real O’Neals which is being produced by Dan Savage. His name suits him because he is a savage, disgrace of a soul. While my sentiments may seem a bit severe, after reading some of his comments I would bet that you will agree. Here are just a few of the quotes


Savage accused a politician of having sex—he used an obscenity—with the consecrated Host, the body and blood of Jesus Christ

As everyone knows, Mary was a virgin when she conceived and a virgin when she gave birth. This means, of course, that Jesus busted His own mom’s hymen, kicking it down like a door on His way into the world

Commenting on a statue of the Virgin Mary on the back of a toilet, he said, “Mary’s head was angled in such a way that HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT YOUR

The ‘repair’ on this statue of John Paul II makes him look like he just stuck 2 fingers in a squeaky clean altar boy

Men are attracted to the priesthood so they can “wear dresses and have sex with men”


This is extremely disgusting, revolting and it breaks my heart. I have a tear in my eye as I write this now. To say these awful things about Jesus, the Blessed Mother and Jesus’ church, the Holy Catholic Church. He says these things without fully understanding what he is talking about.

We live in a world where it is okay to make crude remarks concerning Christians and their beliefs but you can’t say Merry Christmas. Where people can show support for their beliefs but Christians can’t or they are labeled bigots and extremists. Where Christians are killed almost every day in the Middle East by cruel means and not a word is mentioned but global warming is the most important issue that must be resolved.Pio's weapon

There is no doubt that the devil is in control of the world that we live in now. Murder is now a commonplace occurrence, debauchery is normal, pride is encouraged, adultery is glamorized, abortion is an option, God is a taboo subject, Christians are afraid to speak out and it is okay to make fun of Catholics but not muslims.

We have to stand up; we have to say we are not going to stand for this disgrace anymore. We owe it to our Lord and Savior to stand up with our voices, and to fight for our Lord and Savior. He d221464b5edeb4962219ccfc86b7fabfcied a horrible, bloody death so that we may be made worthy to spend eternity with Him. Let’s earn it, let’s thank Jesus for His sacrifice by putting ourselves out there and defending Jesus.

Dear God,

I am sorry for the direction mankind has taken.

To hear these awful things said about You and Your Son makes me sick,

To know how much You love us but still are treated terribly.

I will fight for Your glory because it is the least I can do.

I will stand up against those who hate and disgrace You,

Even if I am then attacked.

Give me the strength to stand up against the evils of this world,

To spread your message and glory to others who may not know

And to change the hearts of those hardened by evil and hate.


Here are the places to contact if you wish, to tell them that you are not going to stand for this disgrace:

Carl.Folta@viacom.com – For the Chris Hardwick incident.

http://www.thestranger.com/authors/259/dan-savage – Here at this website you can email Dan Savage and you can also tweet to him on twitter.