A sad tragedy has struck our world but very few seem concerned about it. CNN and FOX News didn’t seem to think 4 nuns being massacred was that much of a big deal, not to mention the 8 nursing home residents, 2 staff members and guard who was murdered. Not to mention that the priest has been kidnapped. I suppose it doesn’t garner front news attention because satan is in control of the world right now.

These people were doing God’s work and were murdered in such a brutal way. These murderers were cowards and I have no fear speaking those words. They tied up innocent people and brutally murdered them. Why? That answer is simple: they hate Jesus.

4f0198ace3d8e831eef2927d97d5a54eWho does satan hate more than God? His son. Jesus saved humanity from having to be forsaken, He opened the gates of Heaven. God loves us and that does not make the evil one happy because of his jealously for God. Again, we go back to the basics of good versus evil. Satan wanted to be God; he wasn’t content in serving God. He had everything, yet he wanted more. He lost his place in Heaven because of his deadly sins and he is determined to take with him the creations that God loves the most. He couldn’t have Jesus because He stood up to the temptations of the evil one. He gave us the strength, gifts and possibility to be in His presence and to fight evil.

That is why this terror attack occurred, that is why innocent people were slaughtered. They specifically sought out these Nuns who were doing God’s work. They were nonviolent, seeking only to help those in need. They were murdered for living by their beliefs all in honor of God. We cannot stand for this, we as Christian people need to stand up and have our voices heard. We need to stand up to those who think that they have right to kill those who believe and serve Jesus Christ.

They still have Fr. Tom and no word yet on where or who has him. He needs our prayers desperately, for his safe return home. The more we pray the stronger we become. The more we live our faith, the stronger we become. The more we deny things that take away from our relationship with Jesus, the stronger we become. The more we stand up for our faith, the stronger we become. We can only begin to make a difference when we live the life that Jesus wants us to. When we go up to atheists and tell them that God loves them, even if they don’t believe in Him. That we will pray for their conversion.248fa69991a4c6aea3e97bd7a4111359

When we go to a restaurant, we have to pray before we eat our meals and pray after. Thanking God for that opportunity. So people can see that we are not ashamed to proclaim and give thanks to our Lord and Savior. We have to say Merry Christmas when it is getting time to celebrate Christ’s birth and say it with a smile. We have to not be ashamed to be followers of Christ. When the majority calls you a bigot, say it with a smile “If I am a bigot because I want your soul to be saved, then I will gladly wear that with great grace. Jesus gave me these gifts to spread and it is up to you to accept”.


Dear God,

Please comfort Father Tom as he is helpd captive by barbarians.

Give me the courage to stand my ground to proclaim you,

I will not become a silent majority,

I will proclaim your message from city to city with a joyful noise.

Give me the strength to look at the eyes of people who hate me

And say “God loves you, as do I but not your actions”