I am sure everyone has at one point heard of a new craze that has taken hold known as Adult Coloring Books. The point of these books is to allow the individual who is coloring to escape reality for as long as the need in order to de-stress. Sounds good? In my opinion, it is far from good.

It piqued my curiosity when I noticed in the store a huge shelf dedicated to this massively popular item. I picked up one to glance at it and see what the rave was all about. When I opened it I noticed that the book was filled with Mandela’s to color. Not knowing completely what they were but having a slight idea, I looked them up.

Mandela’s are from the Sanskrit meaning of circles. That is the basis of what a Mandela is, it is circular with different points. The purpose of it is to balance the individual who is using it; it is used to help a “spiritual” journey through use of the cosmic and psychic elements. In essence, it works a tool for hypnosis so that the individual can go further into their self to form a thought that they ponder on.

There were also Celtic Mandela’s. These are basically the same as the Indian version; they are just a bit different because of the culture. They have one that is labeled the Triquetra which is the same symbol of the Holy Trinity. However, it is very misused and is more commonly misused by pagans and wiccans. They say that by starting at this Mandela with the Trinity, it will have you become more in tuned with the great spiritual power.

What this sums up to, is the majority of adult coloring books use Mandela’s as their source of allowing the users to de-stress. This is done through means of the devil; I have no doubt about that. Each of these represents us becoming more in tune with ourselves, becoming centered in our own being. THAT IS EVIL! It is using means of sources that come from satan himself, such as witchcraft, hypnosis and pagan beliefs.

When developing a relationship with God we have to learn to become more selfless. We have to learn how to rely on God to be our guide through life while using the gifts that He has given us. If you want to de-stress, pray! Write a letter to God or Jesus, draw your own picture! Don’t rely on what the nonbelievers or lukewarm believers give you. These adult coloring books are another way for people to get closer to completely abandoning God. If we become more self-involved and rely on coloring books to de-stress our lives, then we are completely abandoning our faith in God.

My overall rating of this item is: it is secular and should stay that way. Christians should avoid this item and spread the message.