Yesterday was a very special day – Palm Sunday. It was the first day of a life changing week, when we were given our salvation should we choose to accept it. It signifies the end of Lent but the beginning of something a lot heavier, Holy Week.

Passion Sunday, which is now referred to as Palm Sunday, is the Mass that coincides with the time that Jesus rode into Jerusalem before His torture, death and eventual resurrection.  Palms hold a special place in this Mass because as Jesus was riding in people would throw palms at Jesus as well as lay them in front of the donkey as He rode through. This was done as a sign of homage to the individual who it is being done at; it is reserved for people who have great respect from their peers. This is why Catholics are given palms before entrance into the church, and then they process in together holding the palms.Christ's Entry into Jerusalem by Hippolyte Flandrin c. 1842

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, He rode in on a donkey in an act of humility.  Donkeys are non-assuming, very humble creatures. Horses are strong, proud and very showy. Jesus is very humble no doubt, which is why it is fitting that He ride in on a donkey.

Holy-Week-2015-SERIES-IMG.pngAs we continue on this week, let us try and remember just how important this week is to us. This is when the gates of Heaven were opened up to us again because of the sacrifice that Jesus made; we were made whole again.

It didn’t come without a price; in fact it was the ultimate price a person could pay – their life. Jesus was fully man AND fully divine. He didn’t let the fact that He was scared stop Him from saving us, so we shouldn’t let the fact that we are human hinder us from fully giving our lives to Jesus and serving God completely.

I encourage everyone to participate in Holy week, starting with Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and finishing with Easter Sunday. Forget about focusing solely on creating the perfect Easter basket, hiding the eggs just right and visiting the Easter bunny. Prepare yourself for what Easter truly is, the beginning of forever, our new chance at life and the beauty that is Jesus Christ.

Honestly, the thought of Easter shouldn’t even be on our heads as of yet because it negates the whole passion. Jesus was beaten, scourged, spit on, made to carry a huge, heavy cross and crucified. In order to completely understand how beautiful Easter is, you have to understand how painful the journey was getting there.

So before you indulge on Easter with what you gave up or stop saying the Rosary daily like you did during Lent, ask yourself if Jesus ever quit. He is the Son of God, He could have ended the suffering, torment and agony right then and there but He didn’t.  Maybe it wouldn’t kill you to only eat meat a few times a week, fast on every Friday and continue to pray the rosary every day after Easter. Then we can fully understand the beauty, sacrifice and ultimate love that Holy Week and Easter is.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for allowing me to live the life I am.

I have a chance to spread your message to those I come in contact with.

The message of eternal life, joy and true love.

This week I will honor you, much like I should every day after.

When Easter ends, your love and my small sacrifices compared to yours won’t end.