The Rosary is a powerful tool given to us by the Blessed Mother through the Holy Spirit. It was first given to Saint Dominic in a vision from the Blessed Mother. From then on he used it when he would preach and spread the message of Jesus Christ. Although the Rosary’s beginnings are not exactly known because back before Saint Dominic’s time there were other forms of prayer beads that fellow monks and priests would use to keep track of their prayers. However, after his visions from the Blessed Mother he was able to add on to the original idea.

The Releasers are a group dedicated with using prayer to help those souls in purgatory and the Rosary is something that can do just that. As you pray the rosary, remember to pray for all those souls in purgatory who yearn for prayers from their fellow Catholics. This is their mission, which is something that is commendable and something that needs to be done.

Purgatory is stated as being “purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven” by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This is for those souls who are still considered to have worthy souls but still are not perfect. As soon as we die, we are given a judgment by Jesus Christ. At the moment of death we are either given a reward of Heaven, a punishment of hell or a reward to get yourself prepared for Heaven, which is Purgatory.

When we think about it in these terms, yet again Jesus’ mercy is being reached out to us. Did you love your car a little bit too much? Did you neglect saying your prayers as faithfully as you should have? These little things which could keep us out of Heaven won’t because we have the opportunity to make ourselves pure again to reach Heaven where our Lord and Savior is.

The Power of the Rosary is the home website where the Releasers are located. Along with this, there are many other informative and powerful movements. You can become a best friend of the Holy Spirit, look at Scriptural Meditations, Miracles and many other wonderful things. I will provide a link to their website and will also keep a link on our blog. They are truly a powerful movement and I recommend them to everyone who reads this blog.

My overall rating of this website: This is a great website that provides information for Catholics and different Catholic devotions. They promote saving souls and should be a top website for Catholics.

Website: http://www.thepoweroftherosary.com/the-releasers.html