If your eyes are on the storm You’ll wonder if I love you still But if your eyes are on the cross You’ll know I always have and I always will

-Casting Crowns – Just Be Held


I love listening to Christian music, especially songs that have meaning with the life I am living. Today as I was listening to this song by Casting Crowns, the verse that I posted really stood out to me and I realized how pertinent that is to most people living life. Bad things happen but we shouldn’t lose hope.

If your eyes are on the storm. Of course this is a bit of symbolism with storm taking the place of any bad thing that happens – whether big or small. We are Christians which doesn’t make us immune to the pains of life. When you are completely entranced and focused on the negative, you close your heart to Jesus. You’ll wonder if I love you still. Often times when something bad occurs people say: Why God? Why did you let this happen? Some will even CC1.pnggo so far to say that God hates them or even that there is no God.

But if your eyes are on the Cross. If we focus on what God has given us, His very own Son to set us free, then our troubles seem so small. You’ll know I always have and I always will. This is the perfect wrap up of this particular verse because by looking at the Cross we will know that the sacrifice God has made for us means that He has and always will look out for us.

The Cross symbolizes everything that our faith stands for because without it we would still be subject to being in a Limbo like state after death. Jesus’ death, the perfect sacrifice, allowed us to be children of God again. When Jesus died on the cross He broke the chains of death but it doesn’t meant that they won’t come back – only if we allow them. The chains symbolize sin, doubt, anxieties, fears – anything that separates us from God. The moment we forget the pain that Jesus felt is the moment that the sacrifice means nothing.

A lot of Protestants are upset by the fact that Catholics still depict Jesus on the Cross because He has risen. That is a trick of the devil! Yes, Jesus did rise from the dead and due to that we have Catholicism. Blood was spilled though, a lot of it, pain was endured, insults were thrown and the Son of God was nailed to a wooden tree reserved for criminals. Let that sink in for a moment: God, the creator of the universe, infinite power and knowledge. Created the world we live in, the water, air, fire, breath, life, humans, heaven and earth. He was made to hang on a Cross made out of wood. Before that though, He was scourthe-passion-of-the-christged, spit upon, made to wear a crown out of thorns, mocked, and slapped. Made to die like a lowly criminal.

When we think of it in this context, for me at least, my problems seem so trivial. I am loved so much that God sent His Son to save humankind from their sins, how can I be sad? How can I for one moment doubt the love of God? The truth of the matter is bad stuff happens. Life, death, lost homes, lost jobs, broken homes, broken hearts, sickness and pain. We are not immune from it but we are immune from being alone. All we have to do is call out to Jesus and He will comfort you. You have to open your heart though and really feel His presence. Don’t say it simply because it seems like the right thing or the thing to do. Do it because in your heart you know that once you call out to Jesus with the pain in your heart He will answer you. He WILL save you from the pain that you feel but you have to be willing to let it go, to give it to Him.

By the Cross we are saved but we are damned by our own actions. The Cross is not a “get out of jail free” card or something to fall back on every once in awhile. It is a constant way of life, one that is not easy at all but it is worth it to see Jesus happy. If I can, even just a little bit, give back to Him for the sacrifice that He gave for me then I will do it. Bad things happen but through the Cross we are given comfort because the God of the universe loves me so much He sent His son.


Dear God,

The glory of every day belongs to you.

Praises I raise up to you for all the blessings you have given.

Through difficult times please give me strength.

Help me to look at the cross when times get rough.

To reflect on the passion of the Lord to get me through the day.

To live my life as a remembrance and honor to Your sacrifice.