I am sure everyone has heard of the Christian based group One Million Moms. If you are a fan of the mainstream media then you probably have an idea formed about what this group is about. The way the “media” talks they are akin to the KKK or some other hate group. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and quite frankly I am tired of the double standards.

PETA, HRC, LGBTQ groups, NRDC and other environmental groups, Freedom From religion and other atheist run organizations are all similar to One Million Moms. How so? Their groups fight for their targeted interests. But they are quite different as well. How so? They get praise, while One Million Moms gets tons of hate. The key to why is quite simple, they stand for what is seen as “traditional” Christian values.  This in my book translates to people following the teachings that Jesus Christ Himself set forth. Not bending to what the current society deems to be acceptable behavior and beliefs.

I am Catholic and quite proud of my faith. Catholicism is the first and true Christian faith NB1that was created by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. That doesn’t stop my fellow Catholics from tarnishing the teachings that were handed down from Christ – like the group Catholics for Choice. They support and encourage birth control, abortions and going after whatever they want sexually. In essence it is quite parallel to One Million Moms in that one gets praise for standing with the times while the other gets railroaded for standing by Jesus Christ.

One Million Moms take a stand against the things that are so wrong with today’s society. We live in a time where it is commonplace to see sex on TV but if you mention your faith in Jesus you are quickly labeled as being filled with hate speech. When did we become so broken? When did we lose our way? Because that is what we as a country and a world have done.

Without God, we are nothing but wisps of dust in the wind. Floating along until we find a place to stick, where we don’t really want to be but our own choices led us there. By the time that little piece of dust realizes it went wrong, it’ll be too late and it will be washed away into an endless stream – living with the total regret of denouncing its journey and guilty-newsboyscreator.

WE are that little piece of dust and if you continue to take God out of everything you will be in a lake of endless fire. Anxiety, depression, OCD, mental illness in general has been making a dramatic increase in society. You can’t tell me that removing God from our society and this sudden increase has nothing to do with it. As Saint Augustine said so eloquently, all souls are restless until they rest in God. You can’t rest in God if you want to continually take Him out of everything.

That is where our Christian duty comes in because we owe it to Christ our savior to defend and honor His name. It is quickly becoming taboo to mention anything about God or Jesus but you won’t see me hesitating. I would rather be jailed for defending Jesus then to face Him when I die and try to explain to Him why I did not defend Him. When I look at the Crucifix I am reminded every day of my mission and my strength.

Dear God,

Please give me the courage to raise my voice.

Those who are trying to silence my will not win,

I will continue to proclaim Your word and Honor.

I pray for the conversion of their souls,

That my words may be guided by and for you Jesus Christ.


Go check out One Million Moms website and join with them in their fight against evil: