One thing that seems to be a constant in our world is selfishness – something that is totally against God. God is in by no means selfish, that was quite evident when He sent down His Son and allowed Him to go through the Passion. Jesus was not selfish in the least bit either; He suffered, was tortured and died for our forgiveness; so we could be clean to enter Heaven.

We seem to forget that God creating us, giving us everything that we have and sending His Son for us, was not something we deserved in the least bit. In fact, we were quite far from deserving it. He wanted us. Let that sink in for just a moment. An all Powerful, all Mighty and all Knowing God created us being He loved us. What did He ask for in return? That we love Him and honor Him back. That is not too much to ask seeing as though we were the ones who disobeyed Him and continue to do so.

Adam and Eve were driven by a selfish desire to eat the fruit to gain knowledge. It is not the devils fault, he merely hinted at them but they were the ones who made the ultimate decision. That is what drives us to sin, our selfish desires. We want to get drunk, high, have sex before marriage, support the homosexual lifestyle, condone abortion and use the Lords name in vain. Even though Jesus clearly tells us not to do those things, we do them anyways. We use the excuses that we are just humans and Jesus will forgive us anyway.

That is a selfish way to think! It is not taking responsibility for your actions but instead blaming something else – much like most of today’s society, blaming others for their actions, instead of taking responsibility. Jesus didn’t die for us to be selfish, He died so that we could learn from our mistakes and become selfless. He, the Blessed Mother, Joseph and all the saints in Heaven should be our role models. They were humans as well but they overcame that struggle and instead completely followed God. They were selfless humans who were worthy to be in Heaven with God.