Death is always a tough subject to deal with because it is final. If people don’t truly have a deep seeded faith then death can seem to be a pit of despair. We have to understand that the Lord is in control of everything on this earth and the next, we are here to serve and honor God. It is a true awakening of the soul when you give everything to God because you feel no fear because you know that He is holding you despite the outcome.

With that in mind, I am sorry to hear of the passing of Prince. It is always sad for the family and friends that lose a loved one. However, it should not be constant news on the headlines and it certainly should not be mentioned by the Vatican. While Prince was a good musician, he certainly did not hold the true teachings of the church. He was a Jehovah Witness and this fully denied that the Catholic teachings are true and go on to condemn not just Catholics but all true Christianity. He also did not hold the morality that we as Catholics should have; his performances were mostly always risqué.

god-the-father-from-the-last-judgement-c-1585We are coming to a time in the world when we have to decide which side of the battle we want to be on, Good or Evil – there is not in between. The Vatican mentioned the sadness they felt over the death of this superstar but did not mention the sadness of the seven family members who were executed in Ohio.

In today’s day and age we are meant to pray for our enemies, love our neighbors and live our life the way God commands. Our society is drifting towards a point where God will be completely taken out and replaced by these musicians, actors, politicians, models and those who are considered the “elite”. What the Vatican has said (whether directly meaning it or not) is that when you have status you get recognized. Sure Prince was a music legend but his music was not wholesome, ask yourself this – Would Jesus listen to this music and would He sit through a concert put on by him? If you answered yes, I would do a few extra prayers and re-read Jesus’ teachings.

We are living in a time where there seems to just be an emphasis on Jesus’ love, which is very important! There is however a big piece missing, Jesus gives us His love but we have to earn it if we are going to spend eternity with Him. We can’t go out and do whatever we please with the idea that because Jesus died on the cross we are automatically saved. We need to go through living our life based on the teachings of Jesus – understanding that we will make mistakes but we will truly repent for them and continue on our path. Right now, the world and a majority of the sandcastle1people living in it are living in a castle made of sand. It is everything the world tells you that you need until the giant wave of final judgment comes. By then it will be too late and hell will be filled with the nonbelievers and those who chose not to live correctly.