There is no doubt in my mind that looking at the state of the world we are currently in, the end is closer then we think. The sanctity of marriage is being torn down, families are broken, people are living in debauchery and God is being replaced. These are just a few of the ways that we are drifting farther from God and closer to final judgment. A group that is helping us to prepare for this coming event is called Battle Ready.

This group is truly amazing and awe inspiring because of the stance that they take. This is something that I have felt for a while now but it is very touching when you find a group of like minded Catholics who share the same views as you do and embrace the true Catholic faith. As opposed to the way many Catholics feel the faith should be based on their own beliefs according to the world. We are supposed to have the world conform to Jesus Christ’s teachings, not the other way around. Just because it is the popular thing does not mean that it is the right thing.

That is the line that Battle Ready makes very clear, there is a distinction between good and evil. You have to take the faith and our beliefs very seriously and use the sacraments of confession and Communion to help prepare ourselves fully for the spiritual battle.

In today’s society we have become so far removed from God even though we may not fully realize it. When we check our phones every five minutes, always update our social media accounts and worry about who liked what Instagram photo, then we have removed God from our society. With our lives so full of these material goods, where does God fit in? Sure we go to Mass every Sunday, maybe even weekday, before dinner we pray and at night time we say a quick prayer. Where does God fit in? Being busy doing something productive and using your gifts that God has given you is different than being busy with meaningless tasks.

Many also seem to think the idea that there is another spiritual realm besides God and Heaven to be quite archaic. I have heard of priests quickly denying the reality of hell and the realness of the devil. To do so would be a grave mistake and would signify that Jesus’ sacrifice was pointless.  If there is no devil, then why is sin so bad? If there is no fear of hell, then what is stopping us from doing what we want? The funny thing is, the devil is actually happy that many people don’t want to believe in him. All the easier it is to gain souls for eternal damnation.

The truth is, I think people have come to think of themselves as God. A lot of people are quick to call themselves spiritual, quickly releasing them from any obligations of being Christian. Others say that religion is so oppressive that it is outdated, and has no place in today’s society. Some Christian Churches are oppressive because they have twisted the Catholic faith to best fit their own viewpoints, much of how today’s society is. The Catholic Faith however is far from oppressive, that is if you are willing to let go of your selfish desires to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself. To say that Catholicism is wrong, you are then saying that Jesus is wrong and clearly you have no idea the weight of your words.

We live in a society where people are quick to say we should not judge those who are different and quickly condemn those who stick by their faith. They are good at picking out the pieces of Jesus’ words that fit their kumbaya philosophy of thinking. What they so quickly forget is that when Jesus comes back, it is the final judgment and you will be judged for your lack of faith and your lack of direction when Jesus so clearly mapped it out for you. We are not in the world to live as the world, we are in the world to bring souls to Jesus. When we condone what clearly goes against our faith, the faith that Jesus gave us, we are siding with the devil. This is a heavy topic and one that some may find scary or even offensive. Quite frankly, it should scare you because I wouldn’t want to disappoint Jesus and neither should you.

The end times are coming at a fast rate and we had better be prepared for when it comes. This doesn’t mean ringing a bell, holding a sign saying that the end is near. This means using the Sacraments that God has given us, defending His Word and sticking by Jesus Christ.

Battle Ready is an amazing site with tons of useful information regarding both spiritual and physical means of preparing for the end times. It is something that all practicing Catholics should look at and all Christians should read it so that they can turn their lives truly to Jesus by converting to Catholicism. I highly recommend that you use this website to prepare and to stay updated with. God Bless and stay strong!

Here is the link to the website and I will post one on the main page:


Dear Jesus,

I am sorry for those who slander your name,

I am sorry for those who are too scared to stand by your side,

I am sorry for those who sway their beliefs to fit this changing world

I am sorry.

I love you more than words can express and hearts can feel.

You are my eternal redemption and my way of life.

I want to be a warrior for you and fight in this battle.

I will call your name on high and stand my faith even if it means death.

Please give me the strength to do so, you are my glory.