It is fitting to have the month of May as the month of Mary. It is the beginning of summer, the trees have their leaves again after the cold winter months, mother’s day is celebrated during this month and we are still in the season of Easter.

Often times Mary is forgotten and even intentionally dismissed in the protestant religions. Often times they say that we Catholics pray to Mary who is only human and forget all about God. I have even heard of someone saying that during Mass Catholics pray to and worship Mary, that there is no mention of Jesus or God. Confusing, I know. This individual had obviously never been to a Catholic Mass.

Mary is the first Saint of the Catholic Church because she said yes to God. Although she was probably scared as we all would be, she knew that being called by God was not something to take lightly. She accepted that God had chosen her, instead of ignoring the call and doing something else she went right into it without question.

As someone who has not always fully listened to God, it is certainly a commendable feat to “jump” right in to listen to God’s command. I have often times put my wants before the needs of God which is something Mary did not do. She could have very well denied God, ignoring Him completely and going down a different path. Although it was her pure heart and joyous soul that helped her to make this tremendous, life changing decision.

She is first and foremost a mother; although she is the mother of God she is still human as is Jesus Himself and He is fully divine. They lived a normal life, although it feels a little odd saying normal about the Son of God and His mother, more like extraordinary but normal nonetheless.  There isn’t really much known about their home life and the only time that it is really mentioned is when Jesus was found in the temple.untitled

I think that the reason this period of time is left blank is because it mirrors our time as youth in families. We have a family; we eat dinner together, pray, talk, celebrate and just are together as a family. We know that Joseph passed on his carpentry skills to Jesus which is an absolute beautiful thing. I think that is why there is really nothing written during this time because they were busy being just a family. Again, saying “just” a family seems a little lacking but that is what the Holy Family was.

Mary is someone who we can pray for her intercession (notice I didn’t say pray to). We pray to God and we pray to Jesus but we pray for Mary’s intercession. It is like if you want to ask your parents for something but are too nervous about what they might say, so instead you ask a trusted aunt or uncle to ask your parents with you just to give you strength. Mary is the mother of God, that is a huge deal and it is completely reasonable to have the month of May dedicated to Mary. If only people truly understood who and what Mary stands for, they would change their hearts and minds to fully encompass this beautiful thing.


Dear Jesus,

You loved your mother with all your heart,

Help me to give her that same love,

And to love you and honor you as much as she did.

Those who do not accept your mother,

Please help to open their hearts to her.

Help me to convey the specialness that she is.