Mercy Me is a great band, with inspirational songs that are nice to listen to. With that being said, there is a lyric in there that certainly made me raise an eyebrow, because most protestants and maybe even some Catholics (I hope not but it is possible…) believe it to be true.   Here it is: The cross has made you flawless.

God is flawless, Jesus is flawless and the Blessed Mother is flawless. Us? Not so much. The cross has made us worthy to be followers of Christ and able to find redemption. The big boulder that often blocks our way is there because we allow it. The name of that boulder? Free will.

We so often allow things that have no significance in the whole scheme of our salvation to interfere with our ability to reach that point. The point where we understand that we should completely live our lives for JOY. J-esus O-thers and Y-ourself. When we live our lives fully through Christ’s teaching then we are completely embracing what it means to be a Catholic living for Christ. Then the rest comes naturally, such as embracing our fellow brothers and sisters by always loving them just as Jesus commands.

This little tidbit is not always an easy motto to follow, considering some people make their self so negative and downright mean. Some of those people may even come from your own Church! The important thing is to not allow these people to interfere with the way you treat them or your own frame of mind. Now, this certainly does not mean you have to be walked on; that is not what Jesus wants. However, He does want us to proclaim the Gospel through not only words but through our actions. When someone is rude to you, simply say “the Peace of Christ be with you”. Just be prepared for the response.

I have run into quite a few people who are adversely affected by this simple yet powerful statement. I have even been told to “shove the peace of Christ up your” (yeah, you get the point). It is because people, who are so of the world, don’t want to be associated with anything Christ related; at least not when it doesn’t behoove them. They want to see your anger, to hear you give it right back, to see you out of control, that it makes them furious when you give them the opposite. That is what it boils down to and that is why we have to turn to Christ during this trying time.

By the Cross we are not flawless, no one is flawless. It is arrogant to think that we are free from flaws. The sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on that Cross was selfless and flawless. In order to truly embrace what Christ has planned for us, we have to understand that we are going to sin, that our human state is one that needs continuous help to ensure that we are doing the right thing that Christ wants. By the Cross we have the ability to seek out a cure for our inability to be flawless. It is through understanding this that we can embrace how God made us and we can follow Jesus in a complete way. The Cross can make us flawless but it is our choice and it is an ongoing process.

Dear God,

Please help me to keep on the path that you have created for me,

I look to you as my compass, my father and my friend.

To you I give the glory for each day you let me live.

I will spread your word throughout the world,

In your truth I will live my life.