In one way or the other we are going to run into people who are hell bent on hurting others to create pure chaos. When I say hell bent, I literally mean hell – they are influenced by those who reign in hell to create such mayhem .

These are people who don’t have Christ in a complete and true way. Anyone can say that they believe in Jesus but you have to live like you believe in Jesus. This means following ALL the teachings of Jesus Christ and not just the ones that are more convenient. This means living in the world to bring others to Christ but to not be OF the world. Those people that are not living the truth will be angry at those who are. They may not completely realize what is happening but through the choices that were made it has happened.

I know in my life I was one of those people; I was bitter for no real reason and I certainly didn’t want to hear about anything dealing with God or the Catholic faith. When I did change my life and dedicate it to living in Christ fully, I realized a huge difference – I was happy. Not just “oh I got a bonus at work!!” happy. I mean a complete “my whole life has been saved and I am loved eternally forever” kind of happy. It is the kind of happiness that money can’t buy and material possessions certainly can’t fill. I have this desire to spread this joy to all the people around me so that they too can experience it as well. With that in mind, I am going to give you some pointers when dealing with negative and hate filled people.

Let’s say someone is constantly in the “moody mood”. These types of people seem gruff, short and downright grumpy. I have run into a few of these people and something has been known to be a “cure” for this disorder – smiling! Yup, something as simple as a smile and a wave of the hand can lighten this mood. These people, I have noticed, are those who have been roughed up by life or at a point in their life when bad stuff just keeps happening. That is where we as Christ’s disciples come in to show them that people will always be there for them. That no matter how bad of a time they are having, they will never be alone. We have to show people that when you have Jesus Christ in your life, then no matter how many awful things happen we will always make it.

Then there are the downright nasty people, who are filled with so much venom that it makes a Cobra look like a butterfly. These people have no concern for how they treat others because A) they are only concerned with themselves B) they are so insecure that they project that onto others C) they are unhappy with their lives or D) all of the above plus so much more. What it boils down to is that Jesus Christ to these people is only a figment or only a name when it suits them. People who don’t have Christ can be some of the most hate filled people in the universe because they don’t know what pure, true love is and what happiness really feels like. Then there are the people who only use Christ to further whatever little facade they have set up for themselves. These people are sometimes worse than those who don’t have Christ; because they have Him but they misuse Him.

When dealing with negative people don’t give it back to them! Often times when someone has an attitude, our first response is to get that way right back. I can tell you right now that it will not be the best thing to do. These people want to cause chaos, disharmony and unhappiness. Don’t let them! Instead, wish them the peace of Christ and keep peace in your own heart. We are in control of our happiness and how we react to others. We have to keep a level head, a heart full of Christ and a smile on our face.

Dear God,

Help me to keep Your Peace in my heart,

To spread it to all those I come in contact with.

Allow me to work through the world with you shining in my eyes.

Help those people who don’t have peace in their heart,

To find the happiness in You.