First of all, I want to wish everyone a safe Memorial day. Don’t forget the true meaning of the holiday that is wrapped up and hidden beneath the BBQ and get-togethers. It is about remembering those who gave up so much and sacrificed so much for the ones that they love. Soldiers, who despite the risk, dedicate so much to ensure our protection.

The word that sticks out most? Sacrifice. This is the mindset that all Catholics and Christians need to have when it comes to their faith. We can’t in one breath proclaim our love for God but in the next we go and do something that is against the faith. Jesus loves us, yes and He died so that we could be made worthy to spend eternity with Him. However, life is not like Monopoly and we didn’t inherit a “get out of jail” free card. It takes work and a deliberate effort on our part to live like Christ wants us to.

How do we sacrifice? It starts with little things that may be keeping us from fully attaining our full possibility through Christ. Do I listen to music or watch TV shows that go against Christian morals? Do I have fun in a wholesome way? Do I neglect smiling at people? Do I help our elderly and make them feel human? These are just a small sample of little things that we could work on to fully attain our relationship with Christ.

Next comes the big stuff, the major things that will stop us from realizing who we can be through Christ. That is the major thing to come to terms with, we are nothing without Christ but with Him we are everything. Do you constantly find yourself angry? Do you worry constantly about everything? Are you compromising your morals? Do you find yourself attracted to the things in the world? Do you neglect your duties to Christ because you are caught up in worldly things?

These are the major points that we need to work on because until we fully understand how these stop us from gaining who we are through Christ, we will be lost. We are not perfect creatures because we were born with original sin. Jesus understands that we may fall at times and we may struggle entirely but that is not to be used as a crutch. One phrase that I hear all too often is “I’m only human”. Okay, well Jesus was fully divine but He was also fully human! When we use that as a crutch instead of as a building block then we will crumble.

We have been discussing sacrifice and this is where it also comes in. When we sacrifice the crutch that we are only human then we will be able to walk more free. We can face our issues more head on and allow Christ to work through us to accomplish what He wants from us. By saying to Jesus, “I worried about this particular event, please help to ease my restless mind. I can do all things through you because you are my savior even though I am only human. I am sorry for putting my trust in myself instead of you”- we are accepting responsibility. Now imagine saying this, “I worried about this particular event but I am only human and I continue to worry.” We are not accepting it and instead our using the crutch. Instead of getting through that event, we will instead be weighed down.

Dear Jesus,

Please help me to become more in tune with your will,

I want to accomplish your desire for me.

 We are nothing without you,

Help me to bring others to the light of Christ.