Stations of the Cross

The First Station: Jesus is condemned to death.

The Second Station: Jesus bears His cross.

The Third Station: Jesus falls a first time.

The Fourth Station: Jesus meets His mother.

The Fifth Station: Simon helps Jesus carry His Cross.

The Sixth Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

The Seventh Station: Jesus falls a second time.

The Eighth Station: Jesus speaks to the women.

The Ninth Station: Jesus falls a third time.

The Tenth Station: Jesus is stripped of His garments.

The Eleventh Station: Jesus is nailed to the Cross.

The Twelfth Station:  Jesus dies on the Cross

To me, these Stations symbolize how we should live our lives and how thankful we should be for the gift that God gave us – His own Son. How beautiful of a thing to think about, that God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to save us all. When it was our doing that we were even in the predicament to began with! Going all the way back to Adam and Eve, how their ambition to be bigger and more knowledgeable than God overtook the love that God has for us.

The stations show that Jesus is just like us humans but of course much more spiritually stronger. The moment He said “forgive them father, they know not what they do”, is the moment that we should realize how small our once seemingly impossible tasks seem. That person you can’t stand to see at work every day? Smile at them and tell them to have a blessed day! As Jesus hung on the cross with blood dripping down His body, He forgave those who did that to Him! How amazing is that??

For the first two Stations, Jesus is condemned to death and then bears His cross. When we have problems or major issues occurring within our life, begin with these two stations. Understand the problem that you are having and with Christ accept it as your Cross. With just this mindset, a lot can be changed. Instead of focusing on the negative event, you focus on using that to get closer to Jesus. It is easier said than done but in no means is it impossible. With anything it all takes practice! How you ask? It is quite simple, instead of crying over a flat tire, say Jesus thank you for giving me a tire! Please take this annoyance that I am feeling and not let it become despairing.  It is all about changing your perspective to focus more on the positives of something negative and totally leaning on Jesus.

The third all the way to the ninth station deal with how Jesus struggled through carrying His cross but how He found comfort and help from those along the path; some more willing to help than others but they helped nonetheless. It also describes how He fell during His path but didn’t stay down – instead He got back up and continued on because He was determined to save mankind. He knew that through His sacrifice, He would be fulfilling what humans needed to get into Heaven; a sacrifice that goes unappreciated by a great portion of humanity.

Of course the last few stations deal with His death and then burial afterwards. We will all perish because we are finite but our souls are forever.

We are on this earth to make God happy as well as honor and serve Him. This life won’t be easy; if it was then we would still be in the Garden of Eden. However, human kind’s weakness is to think that we are above what we really are. We put our own selves on a pedestal for the world to see how perfect we think we are. To lie, cheat, steal and kill to keep yourself on that pedestal. When we take ourselves off of that pedestal and put God back up there, we really gain a perspective on life. We realize that what once mattered (looks, material goods, cars you drive, etc.), doesn’t mean a thing when we have Jesus in our lives. So whenever you say the stations, ponder on how you can relate this beautiful prayer to your life.

Dear God,

I want to honor and praise you all the days of my life,

You gave your only Son to save mankind from death.

Help me to please spread this message to all the nonbelievers,

So that their souls may be saved and made beautiful once again.

Let me reflect on the stations every day that I breathe,

So that Jesus’ sacrifice does not go unnoticed.