These past nearly 4 weeks have been such an emotional and trying time for my family and I. My brother was burned badly in a gasoline accident and is in very critical condition. Please keep him in your prayers. This is why I haven’t been updating regularly which I will try and do more often. Our Church family has been overwhelming us with support and it is the love of Christ that draws us together. From home cooked meals, gift cards that we can use up at the hospital, cots, rides and prayers, they have been there for us no through this difficult time.

My mom and I stayed up at the hospital nearly two weeks and started a family with the other families who were up there with their loved ones. It wasn’t necessarily the tragedy that pulled us together but was rather our shared love of Jesus Christ. We all have a deep devotion to our Lord that allowed us to come together and share in our grief and heartache during this time.

That is one thing that I always try to express the importance of, having Jesus Christ. If you don’t have peace with Jesus then you can’t have peace or true happiness with anyone else – including yourself. Jesus is the very definition of love because He made the ultimate sacrifice out of love for us. When we look at the state the world is in, all the violence, hate, massacres and sin, we can understand why. These people do not have Jesus or they have him in an incorrect way.

Lots of people over the years have perverted the meaning of Jesus Christ even going so far as to say that Jesus wasn’t His name (which will appear in another blog post, stay tuned for it!). When this blasphemy occurs and this separation from God occurs, then unrest will occur. It is a truth and obviously a proven fact that the further we try to distance ourselves from God then the further we allow evil into our lives.

When God cast satan out of Heaven, He cast him down to the earth. When Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden they were cast onto earth. We are living in the same environment as the devil and his minions; meaning that we are more prone than ever to attacks. This means that we are called more than ever to be on guard constantly, to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and to live our lives only to serve Jesus.

I think the hardest thing for most people about living this life is realizing just how big of a task it is. Some people are not going to respond kindly to the life that you choose to live with Christ. Heck, I’ve run into some people, even people I’ve known my whole life who completely dismiss my beliefs. Do I care? Not at all! Because it means that I am doing something right if people are trying to stop my faith and make me feel small because of it. It has also brought me closer to a lot of people, people who become my family even if we don’t share the same blood. Love and family are much deeper than the same blood that is shared, it is the spirit; we as followers of Christ connect on a spiritual level.