Month: August 2016

Broken Society


It is so easy in today’s society to get so wrapped up in things that we miss what is important around us. Something as simple as watching the sun set or the sun rise is a gift from God. It shows us just how much God loves us because He gives us another day to start anew. We often times don’t see that because we are still stuck living in yesterday which is not a good way to be. For example, if we commit a sin and go to confession, we are forgiven. There is a certain amount of guilt that is necessary to fully embrace the forgiveness that Jesus gave us. As soon as we enter confession and truly, with our hearts confess then we should no longer be controlled by the chains of that sin.

When the sun rises on another day, it is a fresh start to praise God and spread His word. We are so stuck living in the past or worrying about what the future holds that we miss out on the now. We miss out on spreading God’s word because when you hold onto that then there is no room for God to work. I realized myself when you fill your mind with senseless stuff there is no room for Jesus. I was too worried about everything instead of just focusing on the love of Jesus. When you focus just on yourself, you miss out on so much that you could be gaining from following Jesus.

We live in a society where everything is disposable, even people! Once we get done with something we just throw it aside. Instead of realizing what God has given us, we always want more. Something as simple as a shirt could be worn only once, deemed out of style then thrown into the back of a closet. Instead of taking gratitude in the fact that you have clothes that you are able to wear. We become too self-involved in this instance because we are thinking more of ourselves and how we will fit into the mold.

The same goes for many aspects of the next bigger and “better” thing, when in retrospect, it really never was better. It is that simple gratification we feel when we get that item, that we finally belong in society. We are Christians though and we are not supposed to feel like that because of material possessions. When you hand out food to the homeless or lend an ear to someone in need that is how we belong with our peers. It is not about living for this word but for the next.

That is what it all boils down to is instant gratification, the feeling of bliss when you have what you want when you want it – even if you don’t need it. Needs and wants are two very different things and should be viewed with Christ in mind. Okay, I need food and can have a simple meal but I want caviar – what would Christ prefer you to choose? It’s okay to have a treat once in a while but to live with always having what you want is not the best way to be. That is how our society is, without cease they are never satisfied until they have what they want. I used to be the same way, controlled by the thought that I wanted to be just like everyone else so I needed certain things to be that way. I draw my joy through Christ and living His way which is what we as a society need to get back to. Even if we as Christians start the movement, then others will follow.

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me the grace to live another day.

To spread your message of grace throughout the world.

To not be consumed with the wants of this world,

But rather to be filled with your peace and love.

Let me live my life through the teachings of your Son Jesus Christ,

And to be a living message for Your Word.



Prayer Breakdown

Here we are with another Prayer Breakdown! This is one of my favorite prayers, among many and it is great to say in the morning and at night. The Guardian Angel Prayer!

Angel of God, my guardian dear, To whom God’s love commits me here, Ever this day (night), be at my side, To light and guard, Rule and guide.



Angel of God, my guardian dear.

In just those few words a lot is conveyed. God is the creator of everything that is on the earth, in both spiritual and physical form. There are bad angels as well but our Guardian Angels are OF God. They are our guardians that God has blessed us with to act as our protectors on earth. Each person is given a special angel who will follow them throughout their lives. Guardian Angels are pure spiritual beings who were created by God as such. When we are so in tune with our spiritual lives then we could even communicate with our Guardian Angels much like many of the saints.

To whom God’s love commits me here.

Without God’s love none of us would be here, it is that simple. God really loves us or else He would not have even bothered to create us much less send His Son to bring us salvation. That is a concept that I think some people find difficulty grasping – the love of God. No matter what difficulties come up, horrible tragedies happen or what we do, God loves us. It is up to us to reciprocate the love that He has for us. He bestowed upon us our very own Guardian Angel.

Ever this day (night), be at my side, to light and guard, rule and guide.

With this prayer we are asking our Guardian Angels to be with us throughout the day as well as the night. The work of the devil has no end; therefore, we must constantly be vigilant. With this prayer we are asking for our angel to be by our side, to help act as a mentor of sorts. We are asking them to light the way of the path that we should take, to help us do the right thing. To help guard us against the evil of the world as well as our own free will if we are going to make the wrong decision. They will guide us through if we allow them because God has sent them specifically for us.

When you say this prayer, close your eyes and try to get in touch with your guardian angel. And imagine the love that God must have for us is He is willing to give us each our very own Guardian Angel.

Lighting the Shadows







People who do not have Jesus Christ in their life are but shadows in the night. Shadows have the basic outline of what humans have; their heads, arms, feet, etc. However, they are completely empty. At night they blend into the darkness and during the day they stand out as if they don’t belong. In all honesty, if someone does not believe or denies Jesus Christ, then they do belong in the darknessa



What made me think of this is the recent tragedy that has struck my family and the way that some members have chosen to react. Instead of pulling together on a united front they choose to try and tear down, causing a much deeper hole of stress and pain. It is difficult not letting people like this get to you. It’s as if they know exactly what to say to hurt you the most. The one thing they don’t have? Jesus!


Their sole purpose and this is for anyone who has that type of person (or multiple people) in their life, is to try and take away your JOY. Now, this is not necessarily the joy your thinking about but rather the act of Jesus -Others and Yourself which does ultimately lead to joy. Their purpose is to get you so focused on what they are saying and to hurt your feelings that what your left with is YO. This is when you put yourself first and others second; but there is no place for Jesus in that equation.

The thing about people who are just shadows of a true human being is their total lack of human empathy and decency. Why have those things when you have nothing but yourself to live for? Then you’re just living with the Y and that is a question that will constantly come up, as they question anything that pertains to finding faith in God – why?

As I face this tragedy with my parents, now more than ever I feel compelled to spread the love of Jesus to others. It is only through that love and conviction that I am able to truly look at the situation realistically. While it is difficult and at moments can feel emotionally draining, I won’t let it dictate my happiness because it is through Christ that I am able to find that happiness.

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for everything you have blessed me with.

I ask that my enemies be blessed with Your peace,

That their hearts be filled with love as opposed to hate.

Let me work as a vessel of Your Peace,

To spread You to everyone I meet each day.