People who do not have Jesus Christ in their life are but shadows in the night. Shadows have the basic outline of what humans have; their heads, arms, feet, etc. However, they are completely empty. At night they blend into the darkness and during the day they stand out as if they don’t belong. In all honesty, if someone does not believe or denies Jesus Christ, then they do belong in the darknessa



What made me think of this is the recent tragedy that has struck my family and the way that some members have chosen to react. Instead of pulling together on a united front they choose to try and tear down, causing a much deeper hole of stress and pain. It is difficult not letting people like this get to you. It’s as if they know exactly what to say to hurt you the most. The one thing they don’t have? Jesus!


Their sole purpose and this is for anyone who has that type of person (or multiple people) in their life, is to try and take away your JOY. Now, this is not necessarily the joy your thinking about but rather the act of Jesus -Others and Yourself which does ultimately lead to joy. Their purpose is to get you so focused on what they are saying and to hurt your feelings that what your left with is YO. This is when you put yourself first and others second; but there is no place for Jesus in that equation.

The thing about people who are just shadows of a true human being is their total lack of human empathy and decency. Why have those things when you have nothing but yourself to live for? Then you’re just living with the Y and that is a question that will constantly come up, as they question anything that pertains to finding faith in God – why?

As I face this tragedy with my parents, now more than ever I feel compelled to spread the love of Jesus to others. It is only through that love and conviction that I am able to truly look at the situation realistically. While it is difficult and at moments can feel emotionally draining, I won’t let it dictate my happiness because it is through Christ that I am able to find that happiness.

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for everything you have blessed me with.

I ask that my enemies be blessed with Your peace,

That their hearts be filled with love as opposed to hate.

Let me work as a vessel of Your Peace,

To spread You to everyone I meet each day.