Living for Jesus means making sacrifices and living in a state of the unknown.  This world is a brutal one, particularly for the followers of God and those who proclaim Jesus message. Sure, we can live in the comfort of our lives and go to church on Sunday and holy days of obligation – stopping there. But is that really living for Christ? We can’t hold back in our beliefs and we have to live by them if we want to be followers of Christ.

When I say that we live in the state of the unknown when we are followers of Jesus Christ, it is the unknown of how the world will react to us – usually with aggression. People who don’t have Jesus or who have him in the wrong way will more than likely react in a negative way when you proclaim the word. This doesn’t mean standing on the street corner holding a sign but rather trying to connect with people and teach them about the true way of Jesus.

People will oppose you, so be ready! My ultimate goal is to open up a retreat center and while I have a ton of support someone told me the other day that it would be a waste of my life, that I should do something more stable. I wasn’t surprised that someone would say this because looking at things from a worldly perspective it isn’t necessarily stable and I am taking a huge leap. However, I am not alone and I do not live for this world.

That is something that we so often forget sometimes is that we do not live for this world. So while a stable 9 to 5 job is good for some people and Jesus may call you to do that, He calls others to do something different. We should be out there preaching the good news of our God and our faith. Instead sometimes we keep it to ourselves because it is taboo to share your religion with others or it is okay to do it just on Sundays.

The apostles were from all different walks of life, fisherman, tax collectors, etc. who had comfortable jobs in their time. When Jesus called them they left that to follow Him and once He died, they spread His message to those who did not have it – even at the cost of death they did it. What this shows me is that we have to step outside of our comfort zone to truly follow Jesus, we have to risk all kinds of things to follow Him. They are not done in vain because our life here on earth is small compared to that of eternity in Heaven. If we live only for this world and find comfort in this world, it will eventually die and we will be cut off from eternity.

Dear Jesus,

Please help me to follow you,

The road is not easy but through you it is possible.

Give me the strength to stand and preach your word,

To bring the souls you love back to you.

Give me courage and strength to take the path that you have for me,

To open my heart to your will.