Lent is a time of reflection and sacrifice because it allows us to get closer to God. Hopefully, now that we are so far into Lent you are starting to understand in a deeper sense how sacrifice can help you grow closer to God. All too often we get consumed with the idea of what to give up for Lent, and that usually ends with sweets, carbs and soda. This is great if those things hold a huge place in your heart, if they are some of your favorite foods and drinks, then definitely do that!

When I say we get consumed with what to give up, we often don’t talk about what to gain. Did you give up social networking for Lent? Use that time to pray. Did you give up sweets and soda for Lent? You can use the money that would have purchased those items and instead donate to a charity or buy food for the homeless.

The point is to try and lessen things in our lives that separate us from attaining a more cherished relationship with God. We can incorporate these things into our lives even after Lent is over. Lent may occur for only 46 days but the purpose of it stretches much longer than that.

The Passion our Lord endured for us has to be one of the most humbling things of our faith. Here, the Son of God didn’t have to die for us but He chose to. He didn’t just die, He was tortured, mocked and spit upon. All so that we could maybe one day attain glory with Him, if we accept and live by His teachings.

As I have said before, being a Christian is not easy in the least bit. It takes work, dedication and most importantly faith. No matter how bad things may be or how much worse they will get, we always hold on to the belief that Jesus rises above it. We sometimes fall into the trap of feeling sorry for ourselves but if we hold on to that then despair seeps in.

It isn’t that we should never feel the emotions that make us human but we should never let them completely consume us. Understanding that there is someone who loves you so much that they would give up their life so that you can find peace, is truly a comforting feeling. If you embrace it and accept Jesus into your heart, then you can have that feeling as well.

Even though Lent is almost over, use the spirit of Lent to further evangelize to others. Let Lent Live On (a tongue tier, I know, but something that is very true)

Dear God,

Help me to embrace suffering to save souls who are straying,

To be a vessel so you can work through me to change the world.

I want to bring your Word to those who don’t know it,

And to stay strong against those who don’t want it.