When tragedy strikes the first thing many do is question why God would want to do something like that. Whether it be a horrible accident or a tragic situation where a child is diagnosed with cancer. The first question always rings, “why God?”

We know God is all powerful but we unfairly place too much blame on Him and not enough on the situation. It is often a misunderstood phrase to say it is Gods will. We should make something very clear though – it was never Gods will for death. When Adam and Eve were first created, His will for them was worship and thanksgiving. God gave them everything, provided them with endless food, water, things to make them comfortable. There were no tornado threats, murders, animal mauling’s or sickness. There simply was endless adoration for a God that loved His people so much He was literally willing to give them the world.

Then these two people, in their pride, ate of the fruit from the tree of life. The one tree 16a2cc65c4a7b9dc2214cca30ff08841--christian-pictures-words-quotesthat God commanded them to not eat from. When you think about this, it really wasn’t too much to ask of them. And no, it wasn’t God setting them up for failure by tempting them with something that was right there yet unattainable. Rather, it goes much deeper than that.

What is faith? In the basic form it is a belief in God; much deeper it is knowing and believing that God WILL provide even if it is not the way we think it should be. Now, is it faith if everything is simply handed but there is no return? What I mean by this is, if the faith is simply in what is being given to them but there is nothing for them to prove their faith. In having them not eat of that one tree, He was seeing if their faith was because of love or simply convenience. Did they love Him because He is the creator or because of the things He gave them?

In eating of that tree they let their pride envelop them much like satan had previously. Their faith was not strong enough to shield them from the temptation that had come slithering in. If their faith was based on pure love then there would be no room in their heart for pride and disobedience. Does this mean they had no love for God? Of course not. But their love was not pure and had conditions. This is what caused them to be banished from the Garden of Eden and caused death to enter into the world.

God's Plan2God’s will from the very beginning of creation was about love, adoration and obedience. In the Old Testament we get a very clear picture of God’s rage but why did He have rage in the first place? His creation had turned on Him, yet again. It was a justifiable anger because what He commanded was not followed. That has to be extremely wounding for anyone, especially God. We see God as this wrath filled Being who asks for complete mindless following and often times His requests are seen as difficult. This is a completely wrong way to view Gods relationship with us!

What we fail to see is everything that God has gone through. How many times He had been betrayed, not just by Adam and Eve but the devil himself. Creation had turned against Him but He was not going to destroy it. How many of us have started working on something, only to not like the outcome so we start over or completely abandon the project for something new? God didn’t. Instead, He still blesses us with miracles and gives each of us a mission to accomplish.

God’s will isn’t necessarily for bad things to happen but His hope is that your faith will remain through bad times. He permits things to happen because is it truly faith if everything goes according to your plan. If things are always bright sunshine, then you’ll eventually lose sight of what completely relying on God is.

Dear God,
Please help me to fully accept Your will,
To fully surrender all doubt, worry and fear I may feel.
Give me the strength to stand firm in my beliefs,
Even when it seems nearly impossible.
This road may get weary and dark,
But I will always remember that I don’t travel alone.