Master Chef and Master Chef Junior are two of my favorite shows, I love cooking and I really enjoy the competition aspect it brings. I noticed something though as I was watching it yesterday and it truly made me stop and think. There are tag team competitions on both shows where one of the contestants who won a previous challenge picked two of the other challengers to be teammates. These teams had to work together in order to complete a meal, communication was of course on the huge aspects. The thing that struck me was when the children picked their teammates they did it in a way to strengthen their competition, they did not want to hinder anyone. When the adults picked the teammates, it was done in a way to give a disadvantage to the others.  

Of course, it is just for entertainment and ultimately it is just cooking, however I think there is a huge lesson to be learned. Jesus said it Himself in Matthew 18:3 “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven”. Everything Jesus preached was important of course but when he added “amen” in front of what He was saying, it meant that you better listen up. He wants us to be like children in that we make ourselves completely dependent upon Him. We should always look to God for His guidance because He knows the way better than we do.

I think it refers also to the innocence that children have, which can be seen in the example I gave of Master Chef. The children did not want to hinder their competition, they did not want to be malicious. Whereas the adults only focused on winning because they want to be number one and there is no second thought on the competitors. This is something that is affecting our world today, there is a lack of innocence. Now, innocence does not mean naivety and having an unrealistic view of the world. Rather, it means being able to depend on God and having a deep love for your neighbor.

We should want what is best for our neighbor, even our enemies which is by far one of the hardest things that could be asked of us. We have all been hurt one way or the other by someone we truly loved and cared for. I have family members who have been extremely mean to my parents and myself. However, it does not mean that I wish any ill upon them. In fact, I wish them the very best because that is what being a Christian is. It means being able to look your enemy in the eye and saying that you forgive them and that you love them as a child of God. It is no easy feat and sometimes seems impossible but sometimes we have to channel our inner child and bring about the innocence that they hold. Not for their sake but for ours and the relationship that we are building with Christ.

Dear Jesus,

I know that this life is not always easy,

There are times when I feel that I cannot forgive,

Help me to channel your grace and spread the love that you provide,

To tell the message of how you died,

For the sake of our eternal life,

I can rise above the pain and strife,

Give me the strength to look my enemy in the eye,

And tell them that I forgive them.